Photographer’s Diary

I was in Dubai to receive an award from HIPA for my contributions to photographic education, and the whole experience was just really surreal. I’m covering that part of the trip over on my blog at scottkelby.com, but here on exposure I’m going to focus on the 2-1/2 days I got to shoot (the “half” day was actually 1-hour at dawn the first morning I arrived).

The shot below is from dawn on our last day there — our new friend, cityscape and time-lapse photographer Daniel Cheong, was not only kind enough to arrange access to an awesome rooftop for a dawn shoot, he was an incredible wealth of knowledge on where and what to shoot in Dubai. If only we had met sooner. You know those incredible shots of Dubai where you see just the tops of the building sticking out of the clouds? Some of those are Daniel’s.

And I get inspirational everyday thanks to the people I meet along the way. From fellow travelers to local citizens, from bus drivers to shopkeepers, backpackers to cruise ship passengers, beggars to musicians, flight attendants to waiters and waitresses, from students to teachers, street sweepers to fruit juice vendors, volunteers to expats, …

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